Find out how you can get Resident Evil 6’s retro costumes

A while ago we saw leaked images showing off retro costumes for the guys and gals of Resident Evil 6. These costumes would take fans back to the days of playing the first two Resident Evil games, with Ada, Chris, Leon and Sherry donning their blocky retro looks. Who said being blocky was outdated?

You’ll be able to unlock these retro costumes by participating in upcoming Resident Evil.Net events, starting with the “Zombie Mayhem” event on December 28th. The rules for this event are simple: kill as many zombies as possible. Once the zombie body count hits 15 million worldwide, you’ll be able to unlock one of the retro costumes.┬áIt wasn’t revealed if you would be able to pick which costume, or if will roll these out in a specific order. But we’ll see!

You can check out each costume in the gallery below. Unfortunately, we can’t use these costumes in the actual campaigns. But damn, Ada, you so blocky, girl .

[nggallery id=69]


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