Classic characters will be playable in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

A new trailer has just been released for next year’s Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It’s more than just an ordinary trailer, though. This new video outs some beloved characters as being part of the game’s cast…as playable characters, too!

Yes, that’s right: Operation Raccoon City will in fact have players taking on the role of a selection of classic characters (with more possibly to hit post-launch by way of DLC) in a multiplayer mode, titled ‘Heroes Mode’, pitting the some of the series’ heroes vs. villains. Jill, Carlos, Leon, and Claire make up the mode’s heroes side while Ada, Nicholai, Hunk, and new character Lone Wolf make up the villains selection. Each character will have a special ability that players will be able to employ to get them an upper hand against the opposition. Oh, and there’s lots of zombies and B.O.W.s in between the heroes and villains, too.

What do you think about this new mode? Or better yet, who will you be playing as?

YouTube video

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