Check out Resident Evil Revelation’s Circle Pad Pro ad (European)

When Nintendo revealed the Circle Pad Pro attachment for the still young Nintendo 3DS, many people cried foul, stating how Nintendo pushed out an incomplete handheld. Complaints about the size of said attachment were also made, and how it made the 3DS look a bit odd. And, of course, you had the issue of pricing, too– which doesn’t bode well for people who already own a 3DS and feel like this should’ve been already implemented into the handheld’s initial design. But that’s what the 3DS lite will be for, right?!

With such an attachment, it doesn’t come as a shock that several big-name games will be utilizing it. One such game is Resident Evil Revelations. Hell, Europe is even getting a bundle for the game which includes the Circle Pad Pro. Here in the States, we’ll be able to buy the attachment separately. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see Capcom announce a bundle for us here eventually. Having said that, here’s a nice little ad for the European bundle.


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