Capcom’s latest Resident Evil Revelations stream shows off first two chapters

Eager to see Resident Evil Revelations’ first two chapters? Capcom’s got you covered. In their latest stream of the game they showed off just that. And trust me, it doesn’t spoil too much, it’s mostly all stuff we’ve already been exposed to. It’s a perfect way to whet our appetites until the game officially hits North America on February 7.

I must say, the game’s opening level does seem to have that classic eerie feel to it. I also love that included throwback to the first game’s intro, where Joseph picks up a severed gun-wielding hand. Good stuff all around. Also, the second level seems really Metroid Prime-esque, what with you being tasked to scan different subjects throughout the level. This should definitely prove to be a valuable feature as players get deeper into the game. Let’s just hope Ms. Valentine says thank you to Ms. Aran for the tech!

You can view the video by heading to the source below.


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