Alyson Court & Carolyn Lawrence both confirm no involvement with Resident Evil 6


News today confirms that both Alyson Court (the long running voice actor of Claire Redfield who has played her in Resident Evil 2, Code Veronica, Degeneration, and Darkside Chronicles) and Carolyn Lawrence (the voice actor of Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4) have not done any voice work on Resident Evil 6 as of yet. Alyson notes on her twitter feed that she hasn’t done any voice work on the game or been contacted by Capcom, and as far as she knows, Claire Redfield is not in Resident Evil 6.

Carolyn Lawrence, who was kind enough to answer via email, confirms that she hasn’t done any voice work for Resident Evil 6. She also expresses her hope that it’s not Ashley in the trailer and if Ashley was to ever return to the series one day she would love to play her, and hoping Ashley could grow to kick butt handle herself outside of the, “Save me,” role.

While this isn’t 100% confirmation that neither Claire Redfield or Ashley Graham are in the game, it does make it seem increasingly unlikely. First off, it seems that the voice acting of Resident Evil 6 was finished a few months ago in November as that was around the time voice actors started adding their roles in the game to their portfolios, which is usually done when a role is completed.

Claire Redfield is the only character in Resident Evil that has pertained her original voice actor through the whole series. Alyson is the voice of Claire Redfield and if Claire was to play a role in the game it is almost certain Alyson would be the one to voice her. While Ashley is a bit more debatable, Carolyn has made it clear that if Ashley was to ever return to the series she would be more than willing to voice her and as of yet Capcom hasn’t contacted her about Resident Evil 6. This, added with the fact the blonde-hair woman in the trailer is already voiced, is claimed by IGN to be Sherry Birkin, and has green eyes rather than Ashley’s hazel, lead us to believe that the blonde-hair woman is not Ashley.

We’ll continue to bring you news on Resident Evil 6 as it develops.

[Alyson’s Twitter]

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