A slew of new Resident Evil Revelations screens released

Excitement is at an all-time high for us here at Rely on Horror. Yeah, December marks the beginning of the final stretch before Christmas officially lands. But December also marks an “almost there!” point for us here eagerly anticipating some of next year’s big horror titles. Silent Hill fans and Resident Evil fans alike have a lot to look forward to just in the early months of 2012 alone! So, yeah, 2012 needs to get here fast. Oh, and by the way: Here’s a fresh batch of new Resident Evil Revelations screens.

These images give us an updated look at the game’s expansive plot. We see some more of BSAA comrades Quint and Keith, we get another look at FBC’s lead man Morgan (who’s just been introduced yesterday), and we also get to see Parker and Jessica in their FBC uniforms too. You can view them all in the gallery below, and be sure to stay tuned for reHorror tomorrow, where I’ll be giving you guys an analysis piece of today’s new trailer.


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