Resident Evil HD Remaster will have premium physical copies…in Asia

Physical media will always have its place in the video game marketplace.  Until internet packages are not horrifyingly capped in terms of speed and size, it will always be a lot easier for some people to go out and just buy the game.  There’s also a lot more goodies that can be thrown in with a physical copy than with a digital only.  Capcom is no stranger to this, particularly with Resident Evil.  Capcom has announced so far there are three exclusive physical editions of the upcoming Resident Evil HD Remaster.

You have your regular disc-based version, which is the disc and nothing fancy.  There’s also a limited premium edition, which comes with…sigh…an Umbrella umbrella, which was funny and clever for all of about five seconds.

Get it? GET IT?!

The third physical copy will contain the game, a 48 page art guidebook, a B2-size floor map, and “a special box.”

As mentioned before, this isn’t the first time that Capcom has gone a little overboard with the special physical copies and collector’s editions.  It should be noted that these versions don’t seem quite as expensive as the previous efforts, topping out at about $40.

In the West, the game will be digital only, so you’re going to have to just eat those internet fees and bandwidth caps and download it.

For now…


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