Resident Evil Camera Angles Come To Life In RT’s Immersion

This is too awesome for words!

Rooster Teeth (the company behind¬†Red vs Blue, RWBY,¬†and Lazer Team) continues the latest season of their Mythbusters meets video games series, Immersion, with a video that’s right up our alley.

Using headsets and carefully placed camera both on and off their bodies, Micheal Jones (Rage Quit) and Gavin Free (The Slowmo Guys) navigate a Resident Evil themed zombie-infested warehouse via each of Resident Evil‘s three iconic camera angles: First Person (Resident Evil 7), OTS (Resident Evil 4-6) and Fixed Camera (Resident Evil 1-3). I’ve always wanted to see someone try this, and they nail the angles of each perfectly (I’m especially tickled by some of their choices regarding the Fixed perspective). The fun additions of seudo-R.P.D. uniforms to the two ‘lab rats’ is a nice touch as well.

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