Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition and New DLC Release Dates Announced

Not a Hero

For those who like all things shiny, Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition has officially been announced and it comes with a whole lot of goodies. has reported that Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition will be available in Japan on December 24, 2017. Gold Edition will contain the complete game, both volumes of the “Banned Footage” downloadable content, and a brand new add-on titled, “End of Zoe”. Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition is priced at 4,990 yen, or about $45 USD.

“End of Zoe” follows Zoe Baker after the events of Resident Evil 7 and will cost 1,500 yen (around $15), or as a free update to Season Pass owners. Alongside “End of Zoe”, the long-delayed “Not a Hero” DLC will be released too. “Not a Hero” follows Resident Evil icon, Chris Redfield and will add an additional story to the Resident Evil universe post-RE7. No further information is currently available, but “Not a Hero” and “End of Zoe” will be available on December 14 in Japan.

It is currently unknown whether Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition and “Not a Hero” will be released in the US on the same date as Japan. They probably will, though.

Update: Capcom has confirmed the US release date as December 12, 2017.

[Source via Famitsu Magazine]

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