Resident Evil 4 VR: The Mercenaries DLC Releases TODAY, New Modes/Content Added

It’s been a little while since the release of the absolutely phenomenal Resident Evil 4 VR for Quest 2, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting an update on its The Mercenaries DLC. Announced just after the release of the base game, this free update has been a cherry on top of an already fantastic experience and at long last, we finally have confirmation that not only is it releasing today, but that it also contains a ton of brand-new modes and content, never before seen in any version of Resident Evil 4! Check out the trailer:

I gotta say, I’m really blown away by the content being added to this. Despite the massive work put into the main game (it’s nuts), I wasn’t expecting anything more than just a heavily retooled version of the original mode. Low and behold, it’s much, much more exciting than that. Yes, it does include the 5 titular Mercenaries (Leon, Ada, HUNK, Krauser, and Wesker), the four original stages (Village, Castle, Island, and Waterworld Island), and everything else that was there to begin with, this take is also adding in new challenge modes and even unlockables to use in the main game! Some of the unlockables are being added in from previous Resident Evil 4 releases (Leon’s mafia suit and Ashley’s Knight costume), but pretty much everything else is brand new. Included are:


  • Wild West (dual revolvers only)
  • Avast Ye Matey (spear gun only)
  • The Cover Of Night (nighttime versions of maps as well as more difficult enemies like Regenerators)

New weapon skins:

  • Golden Rocket Launcher
  • Golden Silver Ghost Handgun
  • Golden Broken Butterfly

New Modes:

  • Big Head Mode
  • Classic Horror Mode (black and white filter)
  • Fast Forward Mode (basically the Ditman Glitch applied to everyone)

I’m beyond excited to jump into this, and will report on the mode and content when I’ve gotten a chance to play and experience it to its fullest. There is, of course, no word yet on whether the remaining Resident Evil 4 modes Separate Ways or Assignment Ada will ever make it in, but for now, this is an amazing addition to an already amazing package.

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