Resident Evil 4 Remake: Krauser Knife Fight Confirmed, Parry Replaces QTE

It’s always a happy day to learn when I absolutely called something. This month has been a delightful trickle of new information regarding Resident Evil 4 Remake, all thanks to coverage published by Game Informer — and a new dash of deets has just dropped. Despite not seeing Krauser in official marketing yet (and I personally hope it stays that way), Game Informer’s new article regarding upgrading Resident Evil 4‘s gameplay gave us a quick tease of what fighting him will be like (and how it was used as a base for replacing QTEs entirely):

The solution to reworking these sequences arose from reexamining the knife fight with Jack Krauser. In the original game, the confrontation unfolds entirely through QTEs. The team asked themselves, “if we wanted to fight with a knife in the remake, how could we do it?” That question eventually spawned the remake’s new knife parry mechanic, which preserved the spirit of that battle in a more engaging form. This was a game-changer as the team soon realized this system could be applied beyond this boss fight to the rest of the game in standard encounters. This proved to be a fun addition, instilling plenty of confidence that the team was on the right track.

While I’ve never personally minded the QTEs in the original Resident Evil 4, they very much are perhaps one of the most dated things about the experience (same goes for RE5 and especially 6). Leaving them out of the remake is something I’m very much behind, and now seeing how the parry mechanic is being used as a replacement makes me even more excited to try it out. The Krauser knife fight has always sort of been the original Resident Evil 4‘s “final boss” of QTEs; one long, extended, challenging sequence of QTEs (that pulls the dirtiest trick at the end). On top of that, the real fight with Krauser later on in that same chapter combined both the game’s standard combat and the QTEs, resulting in probably the most challenging and ‘epic’ conflict in the entire game (unless you know). Knowing now that the precise timing of the knife parry (matched with the knife’s degradation) will factor into an even more complex version of these encounters? Sign me the hell up.

Resident Evil 4 Remake releases March 24th across Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4/5, and PC


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