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Renoir Returns From The Dead


Some things refuse to die. Renoir seems to be among them, and that could not be more fitting for this game. Renoir is a game about a rugged detective who found love, wealth, and fame in a gritty metropolis. All was not as it seemed, though, and he must now solve the hardest case yet. Unable to leave the shadows, the ghost of James Renoir must solve his own murder and come face to face with his final perp.

The film-noir brainchild of indie studio Soulbound Games soared through Steam Greenlight in 2015, but failed to find funding on Kickstarter and was cancelled. There was no news, and it seemed the credits had rolled. Fast-forward to August 11, 2016, and an announcement from Eastern Europe’s primary games publisher, 1C Games.

1C noticed Renoir, and felt the game had promise. They bought the concept from SoulBound, hired Black Wing Foundation, and began a drastic overhaul. Rather than changing the core of the game, Black Wing Foundation tweaked gameplay and graphics to enhance the film-noir feel. The cutscenes became comic-style animations, the world was given more depth with the latest version of Unreal, and level design was fine-tuned.

The team have been quietly working on the game for a while now, and expect to release on PC this November. They will be revealing more details and showing gameplay at Gamescom next week.

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