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REmake 2 Figures are Coming From DAMTOYS Collectibles and Nauts Inc.

Ohhh boy, I’ve been waiting for this! Resident Evil has had some fantastic figures over the course of it’s lifespan, from the fun and charming Palisades series to the damn near pixel-perfect NECA figures, these have always been great fun to collect and display. While REmake 2 so far just has a statue (The REmake 2 Collector’s Edition Leon is easily the highest quality physical item packed into a Capcom CE in years) and some assorted memorabilia, it’s exciting to know that it’ll be getting figures soon — and from such an incredible pedigree as well! From their press release:

Nauts Inc. is proud to announce a global licensing agreement for the production & sales of the worldwide videogame hit, “Resident Evil 2 Remake” 1/6 Scale Poseable Figures!

Nauts Inc. is partnering with DAMTOYS (Damtoys) well-known for their line of high-quality military figures, in order to develop high-quality products that will satisfy collectors!

I can only assume that we’ll be getting Claire and Leon, and based on their background military figures maybe one of HUNK as well. I’d love to have a Mr. X figure to loom over my workstation, too. We’ll have to wait and see though — no images or other information has been released yet. REmake 2 has some of the most intricate and realistic looking characters in the series, so I look forward to seeing how they translate to figures. Leon especially (due to his complex RPD riot uniform), but it’ll be great to finally have a figure of REmake 2‘s version of Claire as well (although again — that’s just speculation, although it would be positively crazy not to make one of her… right?). We’ll keep you updated, I just can’t wait to see what these REmake 2 figures look like.


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