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RE2 Remake: Something Called RE2 Safe House is Coming to London

Huh, you’d think that with like, literal days left until RE2 Remake‘s release (18 TO BE EXACT!), there’d be a date on the end of this. Regardless, a teaser popped up on the official RE YouTube channel advertising something called Resident Evil 2: Safe House. The trailer is short and features some actual video intercut with shots from previous RE2 Remake trailers, along with a voice-over directing survivors to the RPD station.

At the moment, there’s no other information, but if I had to hedge a bet it’d be on this being an escape room. Resident Evil 7 had an escape room, featuring a puzzle inspired by the telephone/VCR mechanics of the game, and even live actors playing the parts of the Baker family. The fact that that was also in London feels a bit telling. It breaks my heart if that’s indeed what this turns out to be, considering that none of us here in the states would be able to attend.

It seems like a pretty smart idea to try and go for something similar with RE2 Remake, although there are fewer antagonists to make actually scary in that kind of closed room situation. A family of crazy people, even actors, feel like they’d come off way scarier in a small space than actors dressed up as zombies, just because they can single you out, talk to you, and generally harass you. Unles they wanted to go all in and make RE2 Remake’s even more twisted version of RPD chief Brian Irons a primary antagonist. MMMMMPPPHHH I love spooky walkthrough type stuff I really hope that’s what this is, since of course, that is just speculation. Until we know more it’s just… this very short teaser. Fingers crossed we find out more soon enough, and that if it is an escape room people can bring cameras in so that the rest of us can see.

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