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RE2 Remake: New ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Trailer Shows Off Opening

RE2 Remake is a week away, people. So of course, marketing is going to start really ramping up. Even things like the new Honest Trailer are “brought to us” by RE2 Remake. As such, the veil is starting to be lifted ever so slightly on the final game, like confirmation that Leon will not be starting in his RPD uniform, and so forth. This comes in the form of a new “choose your own adventure” style trailer that has a handful of “decisions” in the video that links you to other videos that follow up. From choosing between Claire and Leon to choosing if you want to heal or charge ahead to grab the shotgun on low health, it’s a pretty cool gimmick to be honest. In amongst this, we get a look at some of the game’s opening moments for more or less the first time. We know that the game will, in fact, be starting at an entirely new location, a gas station on the outskirts of town, but we have yet to see much of the car crash that separates Leon and Claire from the original game. Note: this video works better in a browser, as mobile YouTube doesn’t have annotations.

This is actually some of the first dialogue that actually sounds anything like the original dialogue, being more or less the same as the original version of the 1998 cinematic. RE2 Remake has mostly shown off content that is entirely new, this is the first time we’ve seen something that’s almost verbatim from the original game. This footage is of course cut down massively, so who knows what all changes have been made (although it looks like maybe the zombie in the backseat of the cruiser no longer shows up). We only have a handful of days left until the game releases, so buckle up, friends!

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