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RE2 Remake: Leon and Claire’s Classic Costumes Are Unlockable!

After some fan concern over the new looks for Leon and Claire’s outfits in RE2 Remake, I’d been speculating that there was a good chance the original costumes would be unlockable anyway. Turns out I was right, as both Leon and Claire’s classic 1998 costumes have been recreated with the new RE2 Remake photogrammetry models. They’re gorgeous.

Despite having gone on record before about why they changed the costumes in the first place, it looks like Capcom decided to have fun anyway. There are obviously some small changes even still, I imagine due to elements that actually become involved during cutscenes. Leon’s classic look (which I’m losing my mind over, it’s always been one of my favorite costumes in the series) still has the new radio on his shoulder, and Claire’s still wearing her new necklace (as well as not having a t-shirt on under her vest but instead a tank top). It should also be noted that these are clearly based on the original 1998 versions, not the 2009 Darkside Chronicles versions (which actually tweaked the costumes quite a bit, especially Claire).

It should also be stressed that these costumes are not DLC, and are unlockable under “certain conditions”. What those conditions are hasn’t been revealed, but I have a hunch. Either way, it probably won’t take too much doing for hardcore, classic fans to roll out in this nostalgic style when RE2 Remake releases January 25th.

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