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RE2 Remake: Japan has Censored/Uncensored Versions, Directors Named

Man, it must suck in a lot of ways to be a horror gamer in Japan.

Japan has extremely strict guidelines and even laws when it comes to content in games, much moreso than the US, especially concerning violence. Resident Evil almost always has major differences between the Japanese and international versions, specifically concerning decapitations. Well, RE2 Remake will be no different, as it will be receiving a censored CERO D (While age-wise it is the equivalent to an ESRB M, they are often significantly less violent than their M counterpart) certification in Japan. However, just like RE7, it will also be getting a special “uncensored” release with a Z rating (the maximum age rating allowed by the Japanese CERO system). While this doesn’t effect Western gamers at all really, it will be interesting to see how the game changes, and whether the Z rated version will actually be fully uncensored (as even the “uncensored” version of RE7 was still significantly less graphic than it’s Western counterpart).

RE2 Remake is actually pretty shockingly graphic compared to previous RE games in the series, featuring layered dismemberment (as in layers from clothes, to skin, to muscle, to bone, will be exposed) based on damage based on where damage is dealt. It’s an amazingly cool system (at least for a gore fiend like myself, who revels in blood and guts) and puts it leagues ahead of previous games in the series which typically only featured blood and decapitation, with rare examples of dismemberment. This is actually a great opportunity to get shocking with the gore, as RE2 was easily the most violent of the original style games (featuring graphic death scenes, the ability to bisect zombies at close enough range with the shotgun, and tons of blood).

Switching gears, RE2 Remake has also finally had it’s directors announced via Famitsu. After months (technically years) of fan speculation, the Game Director is Kazunori Kadoi (who has worked as a stage planner and member of R&D since Code: Veronica, this is his first time directing a game) and Team Director is Yasuhiro Anpo (who worked as a software engineer on both the original 1996 Resident Evil and 1998 Resident Evil 2, and most recently directed Revelations 2). It is super cool to have people that date all the way back to the classic days of the series working on this, and hopefully will help give it that classic RE authenticity.


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