RE2 Remake: Digital Deluxe Edition Reveled + Pre Order Bonuses

Holy FUCKLES people.

So Resident Evil 2 is officially up for preorder, and we’ve got our fist tidbits on preorder bonuses and more. Talking about REmake 2 on their blog, Capcom has revealed that players who pre-order will be receiving both Chris and Jill’s custom Samurai Edge Beretta M92F handguns. These specialized weapons were built specially for each S.T.A.R.S. member by Joseph Kendo (brother of Kendo Gun Shop owner Robert), commisioned for the S.T.A.R.S. when the squad was formed in 1996. Built to hold 15 rounds (as opposed to the 9 that the standard RPD M92Fs), it was the ultimate sidearm, packing a slightly more powerful punch, and had special customizations for each S.T.A.R.S. member (Wesker even continued to use his long after leaving S.T.A.R.S., until his death in 2009). Neither of the weapons we’re getting are as suped up as Barry Burton’s powerfully upgraded version, which fired .40 S&W rounds, but Chris and Jill’s (presumably Chris’ for Claire, Jill’s for Leon) versions should add a definite extra punch for anyone looking to survive the Raccoon City incident.

On top of this, there is also the Digital Deluxe Edition available for preorder, which also includes:

-Leon Costume: ‘Arklay Sheriff’ (presumably the outfit we see that poor SOB at the begining of the trailer in)
-Leon Costume: ‘Noir’
-Claire Costume: ‘Military’
-Claire Costume: ‘Noir’
-Claire Costume: ‘Elza Walker’ (Elza Walker was the original version of Claire from RE1.5 before it was scrapped).
-Deluxe Weapon: ‘Samurai Edge – Albert Model’ (As I detailed above, but Wesker’s model came with a swap on and off silencer and a mounted laser sight… which might come in handy as gameplay seems to show no visible crosshairs)
-‘Original Ver.’ Soundtrack Swap (Holy shit, this is the one I’m most stoked for. RE2 classic had a fantastic soundtrack, and this seems like an awesome bonus for old school fans!)

Oh yeah, and if you preorder on the PlayStation store, you also get a bonus REmake 2 PS4 theme! We’ve also got some new poster artwork, showing off the grisly undead and some nice looks at both Leon and Claire. Thanks to Residence of Evil for scooping these up!

Edit: Thanks to commenter Casey for linking us to a higher quality version of the Leon/Claire artwork from the artist’s website!


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