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RE2 Remake: Apparently Knife Damage is Tied to Frame Rate

Huh. That’s… very weird. While I absolutely love RE2 Remake (giving it a perfect score and even calling it the best RE ever made), it does seem to have some weirdness every once in a while. For instance, apparently, the damage output of the knife is tied to your frame rate. Fans have tested this, and the better the frame rate you have, the more damage you deal. From Reddit user u/TheInfamousDH:

Presumably, (from what I understand, although please correct me if I’m wrong) the knife deals a small amount of damage each frame (let’s say 1 DMG for the sake of the explanation), and when you strike a foe, each frame the knife is connecting with an enemy adds up. So at about 30fps (what base consoles get), you’ll deal 1 DMG for each frame, and a total of 30 DMG for the 30 frames in that second. This can become a bit game-breaking when you have a high-end PC that can output frames in the hundreds, and the knife is still designed to output 1 DMG for each frame it’s connecting. So if your PC can output say, 400fps, you’re dealing 400 DMG for each second. To my knowledge, the knife doesn’t have this weirdness in past RE games, dealing a set amount of damage per swipe that connects with an enemy (50 in RE5, for instance). This can probably be filed completely under “bug report”, and will most likely be patched out because this basically destroys the game’s difficulty.

There isn’t much need to get huffy about it since the game just released and bugs were sure to crop up eventually (and hey, dealing too much damage is way better a problem to run into than the sorts of things poor Fallout 76 players have to deal with). I’m sure more will probably crop up in time, at least this was caught early. Hey, if you can, grind some achievements with it, why not. At least until it gets patched out or otherwise dealt with. Although who knows, maybe it will end up like other famous RE bugs, like the infinite launcher glitch from RE classic and the GameCube version of REmake, or the Ditman Glitch from every console version of RE4. Weird little bugs that help you along the way I guess.

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