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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Chimera Gameplay Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege‘s upcoming zombie mode Outbreak has finally been fully revealed. Set for release as a free limited-time new mode starting on March 6 for all platforms (starting February 20 on test servers first), Outbreak will send players to New Mexico to fight civilians infected with a mutagenic alien parasite. Based on the trailer, things are getting scary pretty quick.

A gameplay demo from the Rainbow Six Invitation this weekend shows how the new mode is played. Three human players make their way through new quarantine maps to complete objectives while various infected patrol and attack. Barricades and turrets can be used to temper hordes. And just as I hoped, the monsters tear away at any wall that they can; the game lends itself well to a horde mode.

Operators Buck, Smoke and Tachanka will additionally share banter throughout the Outbreak mission a la Left 4 Dead. Outbreak appears to be the most significant piece of narrative content for Rainbow Six Siege since release (mind, this is a multiplayer-centric game, though). The new mode will be available until April 3rd. Here’s hoping that if it’s good, we’ll see some more spooky stuff enter Rainbow Six Siege every now and then.

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