Quantic Dream’s next game might go multiplatform.

Now that Heavy Rain has been out in the wild for a decent amount of time, and with Playstation Move support incoming, it’s time for developer Quantic Dream to switch gears towards their new projects, of which there are two. We don’t know any specifics on these projects , but, we may be getting mutliplatform releases for these games. In speaking with GamesIndustry.Biz, Quantic Dream founder David Cage stated:

“Now that we’re established, why are we limiting ourselves to one share of the market when we can reach more?”

Before you start making assumptions relating to the relationship Quantic Dream had with Sony, let this next statement put you at ease:

“We’re really thankful of Sony’s support and the relationship we have because there are very few publishers that would have supported Heavy Rain the way they supported us.”

So it seems like David Cage and co. , like any other developer that wants to stay in business, wants to achieve more sales with each release. But something still tells me that the PS3 will be the one to receive certain perks first than other platforms. But who knows, it’s also worth noting that neither of the two projects being developed are sequels to Heavy Rain. More info on Quantic Dream’s latest as it comes.


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