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Plaza Capcom in Japan Getting REmake 2 Themed VR Game

Wow, that’s pretty damn awesome! …too bad it’s just for this one arcade in Japan, but hey. Since RE7 in 2017, Capcom really hasn’t done a whole lot with VR, and completely ditched it for REmake 2, which was no great loss honestly. Despite (in my opinion completely unfounded) rumors of a new RE VR game being in production for PlayStation, it is a little surprising that Capcom hasn’t done anything else in the medium considering I imagine figuring out the tech and implementing it wasn’t cheap or easy. Japan, however, is getting the full VR treatment at the Plaza Capcom Amusement Arcade with a new, exclusive VR game.

Titled Resident Evil: Valient Raid (well, BioHazard: Valient Raid but you know what I mean), we’ll be diving into the world of REmake 2 in VR (or at least the assets of REmake 2) as a U.S.S. team. You’d know them immediately just from the visual alone, as the Umbrella Security Service is where fan favorite HUNK is a part of, and it’s cool to be getting a story about them (as, outside of Operation Raccoon City which is only sort-of canon, they haven’t had much play beyond HUNK himself). From the description:

The players are members of USS Umbrella special forces and are sent to a complex where a laboratory is located to investigate what is happening in inside these facilities. As they progress, players find themselves slowly but surely trapped in the infernal whirlwind of chaos.

I hope someone gets to record it somehow, although unless gameplay is up on a screen for others in line to watch, I don’t see how beyond just sticking a camera in one of the lenses while you play. I’ll be curious as to what the story will actually entail, as it would be pretty awesome to play as the other members of USS Alpha team as they get caught up in Birkin’s post-assassination rampage. That said, the idea of (based on the description of investigating something that’s already happened) entering the labs to figure out what the hell happened just before the outbreak proper (ala RE: Apocolypse) sounds pretty cool as well. We’ll just have to wait and see when it opens July 19th. We’ll keep you posted! You can check out the totally bitchin’ poster below:


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