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PlayStation Classic Only Comes With… One Horror Game

We’ve been waiting with bated breath to see what sorts of creeps could be included with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Classic mini console. While we didn’t expect horror to overwhelm the system, the announced line up is… pretty disappointing no matter what you were hoping out of it.

While games like Revelations: Persona and Twisted Metal have horror themes, the only true in the blue horror game packed with the system is Resident Evil: Director’s Cut (which, given the controllers the system comes packed with, will not be the DualShock version, saving us the horror of its awful soundtrack). No Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil 2, Clock Tower, or Dino Crisis? Again, the system was only coming with 20 games anyway so we knew not to expect a ton of horror, but as much as I like Resident Evil (I wrote almost 6,000 words once just describing a trailer), RE:DC is far and away the weakest horror game they could have possibly picked to bundle with the system. The lack of Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill is painful, as the two would have rounded out everything best about the system’s horror library, but the PlayStation Classic’s entire library just feels darts-at-board lazy.

No Tomb Raider, no Crash, no Spyro, no Chrono Cross, and many more games that I think most would consider “classics”. Intelligent Qube? It’s a good game but what in the world is it doing here. Rayman 1 over 2 is as much an oversight as RE:DC over RE2.

Hopefully, the lineup is to your taste because I think a lot of people’s hopes for it are boiling down to emula-I mean the PS Vita. The PlayStation Classic is feeling like a big skip.


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