Play as either teens or a masked killer in Last Year, a multiplayer survival slasher

Who among us doesn’t know about the cliche horror trope of teenagers being stalked by a crazed killer? You’ve got your jock, the popular girl, and your nerdy type hanging out together in some musty cabin or after hours in school detention, ready for the picking and at the mercy of some silent psychopath. Sometimes there’s some recreational drug abuse and more often than not there’s a sex scene.

Teen slashers are a genre of their own, one popularized during the 70s and 80s by the likes of Friday the 13th and Halloween, and they’re the basis of Last Year, a new multiplayer horror game seeking funding on Kickstarter. Pitting 5 against 1, Last Year is a six player multiplayer game in which 5 teens have to survive against 1 murderer.

As the survivors, the goal of the game is not only to survive but also complete a series of objectives that leads up to an escape. The killer’s goal is pretty simple: kill them teens. As one of the several types of killers planned, players can enter a “Predator Mode” which allows them to quickly move from one area to another as long as they’re unseen – think how slasher killers always seem to pop out of nowhere despite their targets having put a lot of distance between them.

Last Year is currently asking for $50,000 and plans to release in Fall 2016 if funding is met. But unlike most Kickstarter campaigns asking for funds to help a team create a project, Last Year‘s sole creator, James Wearing, is seeking funds to find a developer willing to pick up the idea as a new IP. There’s certainly some risk associated with that, but maybe it’s one worth going for. I know that I love the idea of Last Year, and I hope it come to fruition in one way or another.


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