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Pin-up extravaganza!

So, last week we got two great (or not so great, depending on who you ask) entries to our horror game libraries–Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Silent Hill HD collection. While I’m playing and loving both (despite issues that both I and others have noticed with both titles) they’ve both been pretty much the only things I’ve been playing lately. Operation Raccoon City has sort of become a default co-op game for me and a friend of mine, and we’veĀ  beaten it about 6 times now.

Silent Hill HD has been a on a bit of a back-burner to ORC just because it’s hard to play while talking to people (Cj, I’m looking at you!) but I’m still enjoying it despite the technical issues that plague it.

To commemorate the releases of these two awesome games, I’ve created two more exclusive pieces of art, featuring the first times I’ve drawn most of these characters for the site!

I have also re-formatted the way I do these pin-ups, in order to fit computer monitor screens, as I’ve had a number of people use previous illustrations as wallpapers for their desktops!

Hope you enjoy!

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