Perception is coming to PlayStation 4


The Deep End Games has announced that, in partnership with Feardemic, they’ll be bringing their first-person horror adventure title, Perception, to PlayStation 4. The Deep End Games team is no stranger to survival horror, being composed of people that worked on the BioShock series and Dead Space.

Perception’s narrative focuses on Cassie – a blind woman who uses her remaining, heightened senses to solve the mysteries surrounding a mansion that haunts her dreams. A mansion known as Echo Bluff. She heads to said mansion after months of preparation and research. But when she arrives, she soon finds that the insides of the monstrous mansion are much worse than the nightmares she’s been having.

For generations, Echo Bluff and its inhabitants have been tormented by the Presence. Now it’s Cassie’s turn. But being blind doesn’t mean she’ll have no way of defending herself! Don’t worry, the game doesn’t have guns. But you will be able to utilize Cassie’s aforementioned heightened senses that remain in the form of abilities like echolocation. You utilize this by tapping your cane on the ground. This lets you see the world around you through sound.

In Perception, ambient sound isn’t just used to build scares and suspense, it’s also used to help guide you around the mansion, which has become a character in and of itself. But, of course, the sounds that help guide you also help guide the Presence to your location. Sound is your weapon. You can run and hide from the Presence, sure, but you could also use sound to distract the entities trying to stop you. One key way of doing this is by throwing “sound bombs” like alarm clocks.

No release date has been attached to the game, but we’ll keep you updated!


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