Pandemic Express Enters Early Access Alongside New Trailer - Rely on Horror

Pandemic Express Enters Early Access Alongside New Trailer

Pandemic Express Launch

TinyBuild’s asymmetrical horror Pandemic Express just launched in Early Access alongside a new trailer.

Pandemic Express is inspired by ‘Zombie Escape’ modes from games like Counter Strike, Halo, or even Zombie Panic! Source. For those unfamiliar with the genre, Pandemic Express‘s tale centers around 29 survivors striving to escape aboard the designated train located across the map. Meanwhile, the lone initial zombie player must ambush and gradually convert players to their side until no one remains. Scattered across the map are various weapons and supplies for survivors to help combat the gradually increasing zombie hordes. Being a Steam Early Access game, there is a road map for short-term and long-term updates. Among the more notable inclusions are different class types for zombie players and unique perks for human players, in addition to new maps and game modes.

My personal experience with the genre is pretty much limited to Halo‘s Infection game mode, and Infection is definitely a fan favorite for a reason. While it may not always be fun, the experience of being hunted down by a horde of players can be pretty exhilarating. Pandemic Express offers a similar experience but on a much larger scale, so if this genre sounds like your cup of tea then consider giving the game a go.

In addition to being on sale for this weekend, all purchases of Pandemic Express comes packaged with an additional copy so if you have friends you can get them in on it too. You can check out the game on Steam here.

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