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P.T. gets another remake in Unreal (Now with VR support)

Unreal P.T

Dedicated fans can be pretty relentless. After Konami infamously took down the demo for the canceled Silent Hills (dubbed P.T.), many fans have tried to recreate the experience the game offered. This has taken several forms, most notable being original games attempting to capture the feel and tone of the demo, to fans flat out attempting to remake P.T. from scratch. The most recent example being the latter.

Aspiring game developer RadiusGordello has supposedly been remaking the original P.T. in the Unreal engine for the last nine months, and has seemingly captured the dingy aesethetic of the game rather well. According to Gordello, the gameplay of Unreal PT is almost identical to Konami’s original release with only minor adjustments. The most notable change regards the ending, which makes completing the game more feasible for players.

Furthermore, Unreal PT includes VR support, a feature lacking from the original release, although there appear to be various known issues with the game’s VR compatibility that likely won’t get addressed in the near future. That being said, if you ever wanted a VR take on the P.T. experience, now is your chance.

You can take a closer look and download the game on its official itch.io page. Even for those with only a passing interest in P.T. and Silent Hill, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to download the game anyway, seeing how Konami has a track record for shutting down P.T. related fan projects.

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