Outlast Trials Now Out on Xbox and PlayStation

The Outlast Trials: Mother Gooseberry holding a glove puppet and looking menacingly down at the player.

If you’ve been playing Outlast Trials these past few months, you’ll be pleased to know that version 1.0 has started rolling out, taking the game out of Early Access. On top of that, it’s also become available on console, with ports for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

The latest patch notes on Steam also show that 1.0 comes with a ton of new content. For example, Outlast Trials now has a new map: the Toy Factory. There are also new MK-Challenges, new Legendary outfits, additional character customisation, and loads more. Not to mention all the tweaks and improvements that have been made to the game. Honestly, the list is too big to mention here.

As well as being out on consoles now, Trials is also cross-play, which means you can play with others no matter which platform you’re on.

The only downside to the game now being out of Early Access is the price has gone up. A previous post from developer Red Barrels encouraged people to buy it before March 5, saying it was going to go up once the new update went live.

At the time of writing, the game currently has a review score of “Very Positive” on Steam. Releasing in May 2023, it’s the third entry (fourth if you take Whistleblower as a separate installment) in the sick and twisted Outlast series.

This time, Red Barrels went more towards co-op gameplay rather than a focus on singleplayer. While that may have put some people off initially, the overall feedback is that Trials is yet another terrifying smash hit for the horror studio.

Check out the version 1.0 trailer below.

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