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Outlast Diapers are a Real Thing on Kickstarter

French-Canadian developer Red Barrels has launched a Kickstarter, not for a game, but for a diaper accessory to Outlast 2. This is real.

Underscares – The Diaper from the Creators of Outlast 2 is a new Kickstarter campaign for a “companion” diaper for players of Outlast 2, and is seeking $29.768 USD to get funded. The diaper is said to feature an Ultra Mesh Sewage Suppressor, LiquidLock thigh portals, abrasion resistant fabric, and an elastic waistband. The deluxe version has an added drink pouch for extended play sessions (what goes in must go out), a wearable night light, and extra waist support.

$55 pledges include the Basic Underscare plus a digital copy of Outlast 2, as do higher tiers. If you have $6,666 you can also nab the Outlast chappell booth construction as seen at PAX East. It’s a bit odd seeing a promo gimmick like this seek funds from amused fans, but people can do what they want with their money.

Also, if Red Barrels / Evolve PR send me an Underscare review unit, I’ll make a video for you guys. Fuck it.

Update: Welp.

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