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No Thing Like a First Person…. Runner?

No Thing

Polish developer Evil Indie Games launched their latest weird confection on April 7th, a supremely odd first person fantasy in which your only objective is to finish a floating maze and deliver an important message. As with most things, it’s never that simple. Your world will be sped up, slowed down, fall away, appear to have gaps, distort, rearrange, and become crowded with images that block your path. Can you survive to courier this message to the totalitarian Ice Queen? Don’t worry if you fail a few times; she sounds understanding.

No Thing is set in 1994, and uses graphics and music appropriate to the time. With a cold wave soundtrack, disjointed, strange messages being delivered from the void, and graphics like the Windows maze screensaver running on a Nokia brick phone, No Thing sets itself apart from the indie crowd. The creators bill the game as “easy to play, hard to master”, and have made it available for mobile devices as well. This could be the spiritual successor to Nokia’s famed Snake. No Thing will also be available for Linux, Mac, and Windows on Steam. During launch week, computer versions will be 40% off, and mobile versions will sell for half price.

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