No, Sony Hasn’t ‘Acquired The Rights’ to a Konami IP

Yesterday an absolute explosion of reports came out that Konami had “privately acquired the rights” to a “very popular Konami IP”. The news circulated around the ‘net all day with tons of speculation regarding what title it could be, as there were several that would make any number of fans extremely happy. Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill of course. There’s just one problem: none of it is true.

The rumor started yesterday thanks to a tweet credited to a “gaming leaks” Twitter account, which tweeted the following back on March 6th:

This sparked a conversation that even lead to Silent Hill and Konami trending on Twitter (Silent Hill is still currently trending, with many hoping it’ll be shown during tomorrow’s State of Play stream), but when the story started to get picked up by various news outlets, the original source was quick to clarify: it was a joke.

This didn’t stop quite a few sites from still publishing stories following this clarification, even tying into more credible rumors regarding the (now officially announced) State of Play. Thankfully, it seems enough sites finally got the message — but instead of updating their original rumor post to clarify, simply chose to delete it entirely (I assume in embarrassment?) leaving a lot of fans most likely still assuming that the story could have been true, and setting their hopes unnecessarily high (especially considering they haven’t bothered to delete the tweets advertising their stories).

Now we have, of course, posted quite a bit regarding rumors surrounding the Silent Hill franchise’s return — and stand by them, but it’s also just as important to report on rumors being untrue as it is reporting on rumors we believe in. Our sources have stated multiple times that Sony is working with Konami on bringing Silent Hill titles (and reportedly Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid) back as PlayStation exclusives, but that isn’t the same as purchasing them outright. PlayStation/Sony is also absolutely not going to be purchasing Konami as a whole, which is another story we’ve gone over in the past, due to Konami spanning far beyond simple games publishing. Trust us, we’d love it to be true too, but this one, ain’t it fam.

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