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No Man’s Sky Gets Creepy With Desolation Update

So many years later, it’s gratifying to see the team over at Hello Games continue to improve and update their biggest title, No Man’s Sky. The latest update, however, is finally seeing it become something for our spookier side of things. Titled No Man’s Sky: Desolation, the new update injects some delightfully Alien-esque vibes into the otherwise bright and colorful space romp. Fans have wanted something creepier for a long time (we reported on an H.R. Gieger inspired mod years ago) Check out the trailer:

From the No Man’s Sky website:

Scavenge and survive in the haunted wreckage of derelict freighters with the Desolation update. Introducing procedurally-generated freighters, more story content, combat improvements, freighter customization and more!

The remains of hastily abandoned freighters float adrift through space. Those who dare to explore these haunted corridors will find great reward – and great danger!

Derelicts are found all across space, but Travellers seeking salvage opportunities can acquire specific coordinates from a local scrap dealer – for the right price.

Derelict freighters are procedurally generated, with no two interiors the same. The only way to learn the fate of the crew is to step through the airlock door and find out for yourself…

Uncovering the freighters’ secrets won’t be easy, as these derelicts are full of danger. As the crews fled, systems failed: the lights are off, life support and gravity are offline, and the security AI has gone haywire…

Some freighters have been infested with a sinister alien presence. Whatever you do, do not disturb the nests…

Each derelict freighter has a unique story to tell. Uncover hints about each crewmember’s fate by retrieving ship logs and personal effects, and ultimately gain access to the captain’s log for insight into the vessel’s final hours.
Along with the content update, No Man’s Sky has also added in a bunch of new lighting and bloom improvements, which go along delightfully with the new horror mood. No Man’s Sky is currently half off on all platforms if you wanted to give this new update a spin, and is currently available through Xbox Game Pass as well (I just downloaded it myself). Here’s hoping that this won’t be the last of the spooky content to grace this procedurally generated adventure!

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