Nioh's timed demo grants bonuses to those that complete it

Nioh’s timed demo grants bonus to those that complete it


Koei Tecmo’s action RPG Nioh received a demo last week that allows you to play a solid chunk of the game before it comes out later this year on the Playstation 4. Staring the half-Japanese, half-Western Samurai William, this preview allows you to traverse the first couple zones of this spooky adventure and see if the difficulty of fighting demons is worth your wallet. According to the developers, the demo is based on the Alpha build of the game. Along with some online functionality that allows you to fight the AI of fallen players (calle d revenants) to get their rare equipment and play through two full boss sequences, a unique feature to this game (and The Division) is light graphical adjustment settings, as you’re given the choice to pretty up the game’s graphics at the expense of the framerate or vice versa through the Options menu.

If you manage to beat the first zone, you’ll receive an exclusive bonus that will carry over into the main game (Tip: blocking the balls during the first phase is easier than timing rolls). Be quick though as the demo is only available until May 5. A skilled player can possibly breeze through the initial experience in a couple hours and you can grind good items by cheesing the revenants. A direct link to the demo can be found here.


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