Nightmare Fuel Horror RPG ‘They Speak From The Abyss’ is an Homage to Classic Dungeon Crawlers

They Speak From The Abyss

They Speak From The Abyss, is an upcoming psychological horror RPG by Solo developer Nikki Kalpa that aims to faithfully capture the spirit of classic dungeon crawlers with a glorious grunge horror aesthetic inspired by the works of Clive Barker and Junji Ito and the video games Baroque and Shin Megami Tensei.

They Speak From The Abyss tells the story of Vanessa Rivera, a young woman in dire need of a fresh beginning. With dread and anguish serving as a conduit, she is propelled into a world of literal nightmares riddled with horrific abominations. In order to escape the Abyss, Vanessa must face the very demons she attempted to leave behind in the first place.

You must choose your words carefully, as some demons can be reasoned with. But when talking isn’t an option, be ready to engage in heart-pounding active-time battles.

They Speak From The Abyss

This is Nikki Kalpa’s first major release as a solo developer. Speaking about the game’s themes, she said:

They Speak From The Abyss is about overcoming fears and trauma and trying to become a stronger person. Players must explore and confront many personal, mature, and often dark themes; themes of body horror and psychological struggle emerged through an expression of hate and anger. The journey of the player is designed to reflect real-world trials and tribulations.

Key Features:

  • Homage to classic dungeon crawlers
  • Heart-pounding active-time battles
  • Horrific hand-crafted pixel art
  • Grounded psychological horror narrative experience
  • Explore beautifully gruesome environments
  • Confront the woeful souls and frightening Demonic creatures lurking throughout the Abyss
  • Sinister puzzles to solve throughout the Abyss
  • Literal nightmares

They Speak From The Abyss is set to release sometime in 2023. You can wishlist it here and try out the brand-new demo on

Be sure to check out the Teaser Demo Trailer below.

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