Night In The Woods: Weird Autumn Edition Does More Crimes This December

Night In The Woods was a pleasant surprise earlier this year, combining whimsical anthropomorphic animal characters with grounded themes to create a memorable – and occasionally spooky – adventure experience. Not even a year after it’s release, and it’s getting a rather unusual expansion, in the form of Night In The Woods: Weird Autumn Edition.

Announced today via the game’s official Twitter account, Weird Autumn will be adding all sort of new shenanigans for Mae and the gang to get into, including, as the trailer says, “New Crimes.” Aside from some new tidbits in the trailer, there’s not a lot to go on at the moment, so stay tuned here for more updates.

What makes this such a strange update is that it’s not necessarily a GOTY edition, nor does it include any DLC. It’s being billed as the complete experience of the game. Perhaps Night In The Woods’ popularity allowed the developers to better realize their original vision for the project, which is a rare occurrence in the indie space, but one worth celebrating nonetheless. Weird Autumn will be arriving on most of the major platforms December 13.

You can check out the game’s official trailer via Vimeo down below.

Night In The Woods: Weird Autumn Edition Trailer from Scott Benson on Vimeo.

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