New Zombies, New Weapons, And More in Dead Rising 4 Behind the Scenes Video

I love me some Dead Rising, and Dead Rising 4 is looking pretty sweet. A new video shows off some of the new features we’ll be seeing in the latest title, from a few new combo weapons, new locations inside and outside of the rebuilt Willamette Mall, and new zombie types. They also play up the “new mystery”, showing Frank using his camera to examine evidence, which has me hopeful for a Batman: Arkham style of detective gameplay, where we’ll actually have to hunt for clues rather than have the story unfold by being in the right place at the right time.

Sadly, it still looks like Frank’s voice actor from every previous incarnation of the character, TJ Rotolo, won’t be returning for part 4, based on a quick line from Frank in the trailer. That aside, this video has me more hyped than ever for the game’s December 6th release across Xbox One and PC.

YouTube video

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