E3 2017: New Vampyr Trailer is a Cinematic Juggernaut

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Vampyr has been a fun game to watch over the last year, with developer DONTNOD regularly releasing small amounts of new information and gorgeous still shots. The story is unique enough to retain interest in a decade overrun by vampires of every moral alignment and sort. Players will take on the role of a mysterious doctor in London during recovery from WWI and the deadly 1918 outbreak of Spanish Flu. The decay of society and rampant destruction around the city provide perfect cover for the doctor as he learns to deal with his recent turn to vampirism, though not all victims are created equal.

Vampyr will allow players to explore different areas of the city openly while following the storyline, and make decisions along the way about who to befriend and who to behead. This trailer, while cinematic, is our first look at some of the combat we can expect to employ in Vampyr, and it gives killing a few more options than having friends over for dinner. Large blades and period-appropriate firearms make an appearance, as does one method of consuming humans for health. If the combat system in the game is anything like the trailer, this looks like a system that could be as intuitive and flexible as that of the Witcher series. Considering my love for the latest of those games, I am excited to see how Vampyr combat plays out.

As per usual with Vampyr trailers, this one has pretty settings with great lighting and textures, serving as a moody backdrop for bloodshed and intrigue. Death is common throughout Vampyr‘s gritty London, but it seems vampires may be just as common as the Spanish Flu. We also get a look at what appear to be a group of vampire hunters, adding another level of interest to the many layers of play promised by DONTNOD’s developer team. This is by far the most appealing trailer the team have released for this game, and it is the one that finally has me interested in playing. This trailer takes a long, hard look at what sets Vampyr apart from every other pop culture vampire in recent history, and that is working in their favor.

Vampyr will be available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation in November 2017, with preorders available now.

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