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The End of the World Looks Crowded in New The Last of Us Part 2 Trailer

The Last of Us Part 2 is looking a wee bit crowded in its latest trailer. These folks are not following social distancing at all, especially the ones already showing symptoms. Early on, we see Ellie protesting stay home orders, reversing the fights we are all having with our parents. Instead of screaming at the Boomer to stay inside, Joel is trying to convince Ellie not to wander out into a mushroom-infested zombie world. The following scenes, of course, show Ellie doing exactly this, with somewhat mixed results. I’d normally be on her side, but there is more than a hint of complete emotional decision making here, and I am not about emotions in survival situations. You do you, Ellie, but I resent the ammo expenditure already.

In the trailer, Ellie leaves home as an adult, seemingly on a vengeance spree spanning multiple seasons and regions, as well as several cities. The ever-present threat of Clickers and their less-bitey counterparts lurks around every corner, but an old lesson from the first game quickly reappears. Other people, their minds intact but filled with fear and convictions, are the real threat. That’s not to say that the mushroom-minded are safe; I personally cannot wait to see what new enemy types appear. It has been years, and the infection was evolving even in the first game, so we are ripe for new, more dangerous foes.

There is something to be said for developer Naughty Dog holding the line after devastating leaks last month that revealed much of the storyline and ending to players. I have avoided all news that is not directly from the studio since then, and do not know what those spoilers entail. We have not reported the spoilers, and we won’t, but we also will not tolerate the posting of any spoilers in the comments sections of our articles and social media. The initial theft of game data was bad enough, and we will not be part of ruining this experience for players who have waited years for this game, or for the developers who have worked diligently to produce it during that time.

The Last of Us Part 2 releases June 19, 2020 on PS4.

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