New The Church in the Darkness Gameplay Drops - Rely on Horror

New The Church in the Darkness Gameplay Drops

Paranoid Production’s Richard Rouse III provides commentary for an all-new gameplay demo of The Church in the Darkness. The 6 1/2 minute video shows how players must stealthily navigate the cult camp without being spotted, learning the story as they go. Each playthrough promises to have different NPC personalities to alter the temperament of the camp’s inhabitants.

Stealth maneuvers like silent takedowns are possible, but the odds are stacked against the player as an infiltrator in a combine of “passionate” individuals. If you’re captured, you can escape back into the forest and work toward your goal of saving your nephew.

The Church in the Darkness looks to be an interesting examination of cult mindsets. Here’s hoping it can deliver on the gameplay and story when it releases early next year.

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