New Silent Hill Downpour screens drizzle out

Konami has release several new screenshots of Silent Hill Downpour. These screens show of some of the town, Devil’s Pitt and the mines.

Not much new is shown, but I sorta like that. I still think we’ve seen so very little of the game. Every trailer or screenshot bunch usually covers the same areas which are close to the start. Unlike Homecoming, I think there is a lot left to be surprised about. I remember the screens and trailers for that game pretty much revealing all of the enemies and bosses; I’m glad that’s not the case this time.

I can’t say I like the quality of these particular screens, though. During my preview last month, I played an older PS3 build of the game. It didn’t look as good as the newer Xbox build I had played prior, and it seems these screens come from the former. Which is a shame, because the game looks better than these screens suggest. Oh well. Check them out below.

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