New Capcom Sci Fi Title "Pragmata" Announced - Rely on Horror

New Capcom Sci Fi Title “Pragmata” Announced

Pragmata logo on scene of both characters standing on moon looking at earth

In addition to announcing the long-rumored Resident Evil Village at the PlayStation 5 games event today, Capcom also showed off a new IP called Pragmata. Little is yet known about the game as to what it is about or even what the exact genre will be, but first impressions caught our attention.

In the announcement trailer, we can see what we assume to be the protagonist – a man in a bulky and futuristic looking spacesuit (the design of which did somewhat remind us of Dead Space‘s Isaac Clarke’s suit) can be seen walking through an abandoned contemporary city. The man appears to be looking for something; the mood is tense and eerie. Upon scanning the scenery with some sort of laser device, outlines of a little girl are revealed.

The camera then switches to a close up of an eye, which we then see is that of a small blonde girl in a strikingly blue dress. Next to her: a mysterious holographic image of a cybernetic cat. As the protagonist approaches the girl, an explosion erupts. Gravity seems to be reversed and both the girl and the man in the spacesuit as well as objects in their vicinity are thrust into the air. The man manages to grab the girl and maneuvers her onto his back when what appears to be a satellite threatens to crush the duo from above.

A safety net bubble is deployed from the suit’s backpack, softening their impact. As they continue gaining altitude, eventually they leave the earth’s atmosphere. The screen turns black and the logo is revealed. The trailer ends with the two characters touching down on the moon’s surface. The girl looks at the man in the spacesuit, asking: “What is that?” The camera pans up to reveal the earth on the horizon. “Freedom. Our freedom,” the man replies as the camera zooms out.

Now what to make of all this? What is Pragmata? We don’t really know, is the honest answer as the trailer seems to pose only questions. Who is the protagonist? The man? The girl? Both? What happened on Earth? What is going on with the gravity shifts and most of all: why did they leave that poor cat behind? However, one thing we do know is that we have a brand-new IP on our hands that, if the trailer is anything to go by, is going to be a very atmospheric post-apocalyptic game. Capcom is the studio behind this and the release date has simply been announced as “2022,” leaving quite a bit more time for us to learn more about this intriguing new PS5 title.

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