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New playable character unveiled for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


I always loved the many different characters you could play as in The Binding of Isaac, they all felt slightly different and it could be a real challenge to overcome their individual handicaps while also exploiting their strengths. Today Edmund McMillen and his crew revealed the first new character for the upcoming remake: a white-haired entity called “Eden” that is based around randomization.

Like so many other elements in this game, Eden will always be different whenever you play as it. Not only does its white hair change style, but at the start of each session its health will be randomly determined, one random pick-up will be provided and two items will be given to the player as well. To make sure this is system is fair to the player, Eden will never be given an unplayable amount of health or two non-passive items.

This character may seem easy to exploit, right? Simply restart the game until you spawn with high health and powerful items. Well, to counter that you have to gather “Mom kill points” that are acquired by winning fights against Mom’s Hearth. This is some pretty exciting news and I look forward to being able to play as this character when Rebirth arrives later this year.


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