New Horror Fishing Adventure ‘Drowned Lake’ Announced at PC Gaming Show

Drowned Lake announcement

We got our first glimpse at a new horror fishing game called Drowned Lake at today’s PC Game Show. Now in development, the game appears on a whole new level compared to previous attempts to mix the two genres.

Drowned Lake takes place in the forests of Brazil and follows the mysterious disappearance of a local man near the eponymous lake. The game aims to bring several elements of Brazilian folklore to the story and incorporates some great-looking live-action footage to help tell the story.

The new reveal trailer shows some extremely creepy live-action shots of forests and rivers of South America with a distinctly unique vibe. When it later cuts to first-person gameplay, it blends the two nearly seamlessly. The nautical horror elements here evoke a unique mood, combining Lovecraftian aesthetics with the visuals of the Brazilian forest.

The gameplay ranges from actual fishing and dredging in the rivers, first-person exploration and puzzle-solving, and even some stealth elements, among the live-action narrative sequences that tell the story from three different perspectives.

Drowned Lake is being developed by a collective of game developers across Brazil, calling themselves Monumental. The game looks to expand a previously-made teaser/proof-of-concept game made for a game jam last year and make it into a full-length title. This will be Monumental’s second major horror game release after their game TELEFORUM released on Steam earlier this year to glowing reviews.

You can wishlist the game on Steam right now and follow the developers on X (Twitter) for future updates. We will keep track of the game’s development progress and can’t wait to see more once the developers are ready to share.

Be sure to watch the full extended reveal trailer for Drowned Lake below.

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