New Devil May Cry Game Has Been Announced For Chinese Smart Phones

devil may cry

There is a new Devil May Cry in development! And, it’s coming to mobile?

All jokes aside, MMO Culture is reporting that a new Devil May Cry game titled, Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat, is being developed for smartphones by a Chinese developer, Yuchang Game.

The developer has reportedly obtained the IP rights from Capcom and the title is expected to launch in Chine some time in 2018.

A few screenshots have been released for the game and feature character models of Dante and Virgil from DMC 3. The interesting thing is that the official promotional artwork features Dantes design from DMC 4. So, this game could include the ability to choose characters from multiple entries of the series.

devil may cry

Yuchang Game has stated that their game will have a heavy focus on combat. Which, for a Devil May Cry game, is a required priority. Adapting the combat from Devil May Cry to smartphones sounds challenging, so I doubt it will be identical to its console brethren.

The developers are also introducing features that are new to the Devil May Cry franchise. The game will include several online modes, including a team battle and PVP mode. Team battle sounds like it could be a load of fun, but the PVP could be fantastic. The combat in DMC is frantic, but in the right hands, can be extremely skilful. Implementing this feature into a mobile game could be a great testing ground to determine how the mode could work in a full-fledged sequel.

Besides this and the screenshots, there is not much information about Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat. For now, we don’t know whether this game will be released outside of China. But, with a release date of 2018, we can expect news to trickle out throughout the year.


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