New Agony Trailer Has Lots of Blood and Demon Butts


A new trailer for upcoming horror game, Agony, has been released and oh boy, your conservative grandparents won’t like it.

The short trailer is titled, Red Goddess, and does indeed feature what the title states. The trailer begins on a close up of the Red Goddess, and slowly pans out to reveal she is pouring blood into the hands and mouths of desperate demons. As the camera keeps panning out, you begin to see lots of naked demons (especially their butts), scrambling to get a taste of the blood. Alongside this, we see more demons eating the corpses of those unlucky enough to be sentenced to hell. The last thing we see is the shadow of a gigantic demon, more butts, and another massive denizen of hell charging towards the screen.

Though the trailer doesn’t reveal much, the images alone are extremely cool. The design of the demons, the Red Goddess herself, and the brutality of Agony is enough to get excited.

Agony will release on March 30, 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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