Metro Exodus Coming To Next Gen PLUS 10th Anniversary Celebrations

We’re currently experiencing a wave of games that are getting makeovers for the next generation of consoles, and Metro Exodus is no exception.

In a recent press release, publisher Deep Silver said that the third game in the Metro series will be coming to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. They also revealed there will be visual improvements not seen outside of high-end PCs, and that owners of the game on previous gen consoles will get a free upgrade if they opt for the new Xbox and PlayStation ports. No word yet on when the next-gen port will be released.

Next-gen consoles will enable 4A Games to deliver visual enhancements and improved performance, which has previously only been possible on state-of-the-art PC hardware and RTX enabled cards. In addition, the advanced versions of Metro Exodus will be made available as a free upgrade to existing and future current-gen game owners.

As well as the new ports, Deep Silver and developers 4A Games are celebrating ten years since the launch of the original Metro 2033. In honor of this milestone in the franchise’s history, an interactive timeline has been published online which chronicles the series and charts major events not only in the games, but in the studio’s own history as well. You can access the timeline here.

The timeline reveals the interweaving history of Dmitry Glukhovsky [author of the original books that inspired the games], 4A Games and the world of the Metro video games in one place, offering fans and newcomers alike a unique way of exploring this iconic series.

As usual, we’ll keep you posted on any potential release updates. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Metro 10th Anniversary Timeline trailer below.

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