Metro Developer Tackles VR with ARKTIKA.1

Announced via Oculus’ keynote today is the latest game from Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light developer, 4A Games. ARTIKA.1 is 4A’s entry in VR, announced exclusively for the Oculus Touch.

ARTIKA.1 is described as a”highly immersive” and “action packed” game set in the aftermath of a “silent” apocalypse. The surviving members of mankind reside in small colonies that mine for resources in the frozen wasteland of old Russia – a locale 4A games has perfected with their Metro games.

In the trailer you’ll see lots of cool VR-based shooting, mutants and eerie environments. The game leans more so into the sci-fi territory than either Metro game, but the atmosphere feels just as creepy. Look for ARTIKA.1 in Q2 2017 on PC for Oculus Touch.

YouTube video

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