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Matt Mercer, Courtenay Taylor Not Cast in RE2 Remake; Paul Mercier Won’t Confirm or Deny

Not all that surprising, although I’m a little surprised at that last part.

So both Matt Mercer (Leon Kennedy’s voice in every one of the character’s appearances since Resident Evil 6) and Courtenay Taylor (Ada Wong’s voice in every appearance since Operation Raccoon City) have confirmed via Twitter that, due to Resident Evil 2 Remake going non-union with it’s voice talent, they will not be reprising their roles in the game. This mirrors Alyson Court’s announcement during E3.

While this is a shame, it’s to be expected. While Capcom had wanted to bring returning actors back to their roles (Mercer’s statement even seems to indicate that he may have been reached out to by them like Court had been), the studio they hired to produce the localized audio have chosen to go non-union, which is not new to the series (Revelations 2 had actors using pseudonyms in their cast). While all this has been going on however, a slightly different message has come from another actor who has worked with the series.

If you’re familiar with my history here on Rely, you know that I’m gaga for Paul Mercier, who plays Leon Kennedy in both RE4 and Darkside Chronicles, as well as the animated film Degeneration (no hate on Matt Mercer though, he holds a high noon somewhere in my heart). It’s interesting to see that, while other actors have been quick to confirm that they won’t be involved, Mercier… won’t. It might not mean anything, and he could always just be playing it safe, but it’s interesting never the less. I had a similar experience with Roger Craig Smith, the voice actor for Chris Redfield in most of his appearances after RE5. I’d reached out to him on Twitter after Chris was announced for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite as to whether or not he was returning to voice the character. He sent me back the emoji version of “I can’t say anything”. Low and behold, with Infinite‘s Demo out now with Chris as a playable character, and it’s very clearly Smith returning, despite being recast in both Resident Evil 7 and Vendetta.

Not saying it means anything, but it is interesting that Mercier is being so coy. We’ll update as soon as there’s more information on the cast.

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