Man of Medan Preorder Bonus Wins Hide and Seek Championship of 2019

What’s that? Down there, in small font, hidden away below the rest of the ‘features’? See it? Head over to the Bandai Namco page for The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan and find out! It’s the pre-order bonus, winning Where’s Waldo and Hide and Seek simultaneously. This is not the best use of preorder advertising I’ve ever seen.

Man of Medan, for those who missed our earlier article, is the first game in a horror anthology. It follows the story of several young adults who make the unfathomable decision to go traipsing around the innards of a ghost ship they encounter while out sailing. Each character can die without stopping the story for any of the others, so each must be played with care. The chance to save them once they’re gone is found in the next playthrough.

Preorder bonuses are also found in the next playthrough. Players who preorder Man of Medan will have day-one access to the Curator’s Cut, a fancy name for New Game+. There is extra content for those who choose to play the extended version, with previously unavailable scenes, new information, and an entirely new perspective with new choices. I am hoping beyond hope that this extra perspective is that of a ghost. Give me control of some haint hands, Supermassive!

Now that players actually know what the preorder bonus is, feel free to check it out and order if you’re interested in playing the extra content straight out of the gate. It is worth noting that Until Dawn, the previous game Supermassive developed in this style, must be played multiple times to see all of the scenes and possibilities, and stays fairly fresh on subsequent playthroughs. For those not yet ready to take the plunge, the Curator’s Cut will be available at a later date.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan releases August 30, 2019.

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